Saturday, August 03, 2013

The Suburbs

Saturday night.  Home.
Writing again.
Life changes when your older.  My life is a little quieter than it used to be now and I'm not quiet sure how to deal with all this fully at the moment.  I miss the constant distraction. The constant friends.  The nights out.  A Saturday night home isn't as rare anymore.  Or usually I'm working. Or at home in the suburbs.
Last night I caught up with a few old friends from the Termi Days.  The Railway Club Hotel followed by the National.  Tram home by 11pm to be fresh for work at the MCG this morning.  Hospitality is my trade.  Yet I always yearn for something more/something different/ something stable.  Searching still...  For something that makes me proudly say, This is what I do!

Looking back on old blog entries and on this day 10 days ago I was in my final days of London town. Someday I'll be back.  35 now and cruising my way through this life.  Still not sure of a direction or a path and trying to find my place in the world.  A career path? A relationship? A home to call my own. That's always been the case for me though hasn't it?  The Journey with no destination.

The ashes are on the TV at the moment.  It's more of a back-round noise.
 My music of choice lately.. The National, Yeah Yeah Yeah's...  Muse  and Big Day Out(Pearl Jam, Blur, Arcade Fire) tickets currently in my pocket.  Bruce Springsteen back in March easily holds the best gig of recent years.

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Daniel Wood said...

Hang in there buddy. 3121 and the old termi crew still love U.
Dan wood.